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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Mammalian Promoter Database
(Version 2.0, May 2005)

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            In the post-genome era, characterization of gene regulation networks has become an important part of genomic research. To succeed in such studies in any organism, a high-quality and comprehensive database of genes and their promoters, transcription factor binding sites, and other cis-regulatory elements is much desired if not a must.
            Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory mammalian promoter database (CSHLmpd) used all known transcripts, integrating with predicted transcripts, to construct gene set of human, mouse and rat genomes. For promoter information, we collected known promoter information from multiple resources, together with predicted ones. These promoters were mapped to genome, and linked to related genes. We also compared promoters of orthologous gene groups to detect the sequence conservation in promoter regions.
            We expect CSHLmpd to be helpful for research in gene regulation networks by providing guidance for experimental studies such as DNA microarray and chromatin IP. It will also facilitate the building of a foundation upon which we expand our insights into the structure of mouse genome through continued data collection, intelligent data analysis and integration.