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Motif Analysis (DWE *)

option 1, search/retrieve promoters for genes
option 2, search/retrieve promoters for TF target genes
option 3, enter your sequences in MULTI-FASTA format:
option 4, upload a text file:
option 5, check out a sample:

option 1, select from list:  
option 2, upload from file:

Analysis Options
  Structure of motif to look for:
(e.g. XX.X..X where dots symbolize gap)
Include reverse complement strand:
Counting method:
Allow overlapping motifs:
Max number of degenerate positions:
Report Options
  Fisher's test p-value cutoff:
Log frequency ratio cutoff:
Z-score cutoff:

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* Pavel Sumazin, Gengxin Chen, Naoya Hata, Andrew D. Smith, Theresa Zhang and Michael Q. Zhang
DWE: Discriminating Word Enumerator (in press in Bioinformatics)

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