Small Human Genes
Annotated Small Genes
Welcome. This web page contains supplementary information regarding our work on small human genes (Manuscript to be submitted soon).

Small genes are genes that encode a protein with less than 100 amino acids. Such genes have been previously studied in bacteria and yeast and until now were mostly ignored in vertebrate genomes, where genes are primarily non-contiguous.

You may use the "Genes Browser" button in the menu and query the gbrowse based genome browser directly by chromosome location or gene name.

You may also use the "Annotated Small Genes" and "All Genes" buttons in the menu. Those pages contain 228 and 8235 genes, respectively, that were obtained by comparing Swissprot protein sequences to CCDS DNA sequences. Those CCDS gene sequences that matched the Swissprot protein sequence with an identity and sequence coverage of at least 95% are presented here.

Current human genome version available: HG17

To download the raw data in gff format (67Mb) click here
See the gbrowse documentation for explanation on the gff format.

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