The catalog of tissue-specific regulatory motifs is a resource that contains cis-regulatory motifs and cis-regulatory modules that drive tissue-specific expression in mammalian tissues.

The catalog contains information on both experimentally characterized binding site motifs, taken from the TRANSFAC database, as well as novel patterns identified as being significantly overrepresented in promoters of tissue-specific transcripts. Motifs are represented using position-weight matrices. Novel motifs in the catalog have been identified computationally by using the DME program and tools from the CREAD package.

The catalog is based on promoters of transcripts that show some evidence of tissue-specific regulation, either through tissue-specific expression, or evidence of a function that is specific to some cell-type in the tissue. Analysis currently focuses on proximal promoter regions, from -1000 to +100 with respect to the start of transcription. Identities of promoters are taken from the Cold Spring Harbor Mammalian Promoter Database (CSHLmpd)

Tissues Represented in the Catalog:

Skeletal Muscle
CD4 T-Cells

How the catalog is constructed pdf

Contributing to the catalog:

Please contact Andrew Smith or Pavel Sumazin.

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