FirstEF: first-exon and promoter prediction program for human DNA



First-exon predictions of the human genome

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Note: the maximum acceptable sequence file length is 100 KB.

Please paste your sequence in FASTA format(Title lines need to begin with the symbol ">".)

Or, give the name of a file containing the sequences in FASTA format

- cutoff value for the first-exon a-posteriori probability:

- cutoff value for the promoter a-posteriori probability:

- cutoff value for the splice-donor a-posteriori probability:

(Note: cutoff values must be >= 0.2)

Please mail the results to :

Program by Ramana Davuluri, Ivo Grosse, and Michael Zhang

Web Interface by Gengxin Chen

Built: July 4, 2001

Last update: Jan 16, 2002